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Be-Ge Industri AB

We are the worlds oldest manufacturer of suspended driver seats and we are today one of the leading supplier of seats for office and surveillance/24h in the higher comfort area.


- Sitting requires variation, select from our comfortable chairs.

Chairs for indivisal needs in various office enviroments.


- Operator´s long working hours require a chair that fits all.

Watch chairs for common needs in 24h environments.


- We adept to customes needs for specially equipped  chairs.

Special chairs for the individual needs of different work environments.


Complete in-house process

konstr  Research & Development
test  Testing
prod Production



Be-Ge Industri AB - Part of

The Be-Ge group

Be-Ge is a family owned company group with production facilities in Sweden, Denmark, U.K, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The company group comprises Be-Ge Seating division, Be-Ge Component division and Be-Ge Vehicle division.

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New chair

Now is our new chair here..

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